Knowledge-Sharing Builds Customer Confidence

October 7, 2016

From 12 years experience in the telecommunications industry, Phonatics knows that a well-informed customer is going to make good choices when it comes to investing in both product and supplier.

“We believe in information sharing, and educating our clients to be able to make sound decisions,” says Pieter Snyman, Phonatics MD.

When it comes to the world of headsets, the vastness of choice from functionality, to connectivity, to cost can be intimidating. Streamlining choice based on requirements, and then pin-pointing relevant and efficient solutions unique to each client, proactively builds client confidence.

Important aspects to consider when deciding on the most beneficial headset solution for your business include the work environment in which it will be used, comfort of user, performance of product, supplier after-sales support and budgetary considerations.

In order to address these issues, we have provided some guideline below as part of our educational approach to our business, and that of our clients.


Call Centre staff can spend more than 90% of their day on calls, which leads to a scenario where the right equipment directly influences productivity. Our recommendation is a flexible, lightweight headset which is comfortably adjustable, ergonomic in design and suitable for long-wear, ensuring that headset choice enhances the user experience. Freemate is one of the most popular Call Centre headset brands available today, not only is South Africa but also in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Israel, Korea and Spain. The Freemate brand supports more than 24 different headset models.


Crisp, audible sound quality means clear, effective headset communication. Where necessary, headsets should include noise cancelling features for surrounding noise reduction which is particularly useful in busy, high volume work spaces (these features could include a noise cancelling microphone for background noise reduction and/or a noise reduction speaker for clearer sound). Noise cancelling headsets enhance the employee/customer exchange experience by minimising distracting background din and sharpening sound delivery.

Acoustic shock protection and microphone anti-static shock protection are also valuable performance enhancing attributes.


Choosing between a corded or wireless headset will depend largely on the work space in which the equipment is to be used. By rule of thumb, static employees will fare well with a good quality corded headset, while wireless equipment is highly beneficial to staff members who value maneuvrability and ease of transition from desk to call center hub and so forth.

Headset connectivity whether in an IP or analogue environment, and taking into account whether your business operates on a soft phone, hard phone or both will also dictate equipment choice.


At Phonatics we know that the post sales experience can make or break the customer experience, we even go so far as to state that any product is only as good as its support. Which is why we actively invest in our after-sales offering with options such as our Top Up and Top Up Plus packages for clients wanting truly unlimited warranty cover on their headsets.

To add to this, Phonatics offers a 48-hour collection, and commits to a 48-hour turnaround time, on Freemate headset repairs which as a result has lead to both these products enjoying an excellent reputation in the industry.

Phonatics also assist customers with asset management by allowing for the efficient tracking of all Phonatics products, with the addition of a unique bar code assigned to each headset, whereby our repair centre can track the purchase date and relevant warranty periods of all units.


The correct headset solution for your business is a strong investment translating into increased productivity, boosted employee morale and an improved service experience for your clients, all factors which directly enhance your bottom line.

At Phonatics we pride ourselves on our range of forward-thinking product lines that are comprehensive, adaptable and budget appropriate, which for us translates into satisfied, loyal customers.

“At Phonatics we understand the significance of finding the right balance between knowledge sharing, well-engineered equipment and making fans out of customers,” says Pieter.

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