6 Tips to Extend The Life of Your Headset

October 7, 2016

With a huge focus in Contact Centres moving to cost saving and improved equipment management, here are 6 awesome headset care tips to help you get the most out of your support equipment! (These helpful tips are a hit with managers and operators alike).

Your headset is a vital tool which you use daily to perform your job. So once you have chosen the correct headset, it is important to be aware that the condition of your equipment is a key factor which affects the quality of your communication.

Taking a look at our own headset repair centre, we asked our tech head what the most common causes of breakages are that they deal with daily. Based on his feedback, here are some helpful tips on how you can extend the life of your headset:

Remove The Headset By The Headband or Ear Piece
Never use the microphone or microphone boom to remove the headset as this will cause the microphone to loosen and eventually become unusable.

Never Pull On The Cords
Incorrectly removing a headset from the base unit is the number one cause of all headset repairs. Always disconnect the headset by pulling at the adapter to unplug it from your computer and never pull the wires when separating the unit, as this could cause the cord to break off, or harm the wires inside the cord.

Be Aware Of The Cord
Often times the cords get caught in the armrest and are damaged when one moves away from the chair without untangling it. Headsets also drop on the floor and are inadvertently stepped on or ran over by the wheels of your chair. By increasing your awareness of where your headset and cord are at, you can vastly minimize unnecessary damage.

Beware Of Extreme Temperatures
Headsets have parts that are made of plastic, which means that they can be easily deformed in very warm temperatures. You should never leave your headset in direct sunlight or areas exceeding 40 degrees celsius. Also, very low temperatures can affect the battery life of your wireless headset, so no freezer storage either.

Moisture Causes Microphone Failure
Moisture can damage the quality of your headset. New, modern (trend-setting) headsets are designed without microphone shields (the old-fashioned sponge that goes over the microphone to keep the moisture from your mouth away from the inside of the microphone when speaking). 

And, in Call Centres where many agents work close together, the room temperature could rise above 22 degrees Celsius. This creates a ‘damp air’ environment in the workspace, where moisture may ultimately accumulate on the inside plate of the microphone, causing the microphone to fail. Also, ‘say it’ don’t ‘spray it’ and strive to keep your microphone out of moistures way.

Proper Headset Storage
Avoid wrapping the cords around the headsets as this could weaken the cord and cause the plastic around the cord to deteriorate. Another bad habit among headset users is twisting or twirling the cord while using it, which results in the headset either losing its performance quality and/or getting damaged. So drop that cord and keep a stress ball handy for busy fingers.

At the end of the day, efficient equipment management leads to direct savings. Something which all businesses are striving towards.

And remember, ‘what you give, is what you get’, so show your headset the love and it’ll be there for you!

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