5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Freemate

October 7, 2016

At Phonatics, we firmly believe in flexibility when it comes to the satisfying our clients needs and with this in mind, we deliver good, alternate products that focus on the best solution, at the best price with quality to match.

“The Freemate brand is imported solely by Phonatics, and we proudly sell and support this brand in the African market,” states Pieter Snyman, MD. “Freemate is the best alternative headset brand available today when comparing pricing and quality to well-known competitor brands.”

Our call centre clients needing to make the move from existing equipment to the more budget sensitive Freemate brand on corded headsets will find the transition effortless.

  • Highly Respected

Freemate is one of the most popular call centre headset brands available today, not only in Africa but also in Australia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Israel, Korea and Spain.

  • Great All Rounder

The Freemate brand supports more than 24 different headset models, and bonus features of the range include a two-year warranty and guarantee, rental plans (from 12-36 months); SLA packages tailored according to client needs and comprehensive maintenance kits readily available on all Freemate headsets.

  • Plug and Play

A prime example of the inherent benefit of a Freemate headset is its use of a standard bottom cable on most PBX platforms regardless of whether the system is IP, digital or analogue.  This innovative feature translates into a substantial saving on the cabling alone compared to competitor brands that require HIS and amplified cords.  The Freemate USB cable is of high standard and the voice quality delivered compares favourably with that of major headset brands.

  • Superb Uptime

The Freemate brand is currently the only headset for which spares can be purchased separately, and Phonatics proactively import spares with all Freemate orders thus ensuring optimal replacement parts stock on hand.  This forward planning keeps our repair costs low and future-proofs our clients repair needs.

  • Premium Product Support

“I believe in the Freemate brand because of its reliability; and the strong support from our Korean supplier makes this product line a pleasure to sell as customers are assured of long-term, professional product support,” says Pieter.

Making the change from the tried and tested, to the new and different can be intimidating and at Phonatics we understand this. Which is why we believe in client support every step of the way and through our range of forward-thinking product lines that are comprehensive, adaptable and budget appropriate, our customers’ confidence in Phonatics is evident.

“We have been here for 15 years,” says Pieter, “building client relationships and providing strong product choices with service excellence to match; this is what we strive for.”

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