The Freemate AG 01 & AG 02 Headset [Product Highlight]

With quality, affordability and world class service top of mind, Phonatics proudly introduces two new headset additions to the Freemate™ family* – the AG 01 and AG 02.

“The Freemate™ brand is imported solely by Phonatics, and we proudly sell and support this brand in the South African market,” states Pieter Snyman, Phonatics MD. “Freemate™ is the best alternative headset brand in SA when comparing price and quality to well-known competitor brands.”

Having first being introduced to the South African market a little over 15 years ago, the Freemate™ brand of headsets is today one of the leading names used in call centres across SA. Freemate™ headsets strike the perfect balance between quality, product range and cost-effectiveness, and are compatible with all voice platforms. Having proved their quality and durability time and again, it is easy to see why Freemate™ is the choice in top call centres nation-wide.

The Freemate™ AG 01 (monaural) and the Freemate™ AG 02 (binaural) are corded headsets offering the user comfort, style and functionality with superior features that include a super lightweight build and die cast aluminium design, a 270 degree mic rotation, adjustable headband and soft leatherette earcushions, and a wideband option.

The built-in safety features include Acoustic Shock- and Anti-Static Protection, while a crisp, clear sound experience is enjoyed courtesy of innovative Freemate™ noise-cancelling technology. And staying at the cutting-edge of the market, the Freemate AG series is the first to offer clients a 3 year warranty.

Whether looking to replace or upgrade your existing equipment, the Phonatics Freemate™ range makes an excellent argument to make the move to an unparalleled work experience backed by exceptional people delivering exceptional service – guaranteed!

*The Freemate Family

The Freemate™ brand supports more than 24 different headset models, backed by a two-year warranty and guarantee, rental plans (from 12-36 months); SLA packages tailored according to client needs and comprehensive maintenance kits readily available on all Freemate™ headsets.

Additionally, the Freemate™ brand is currently the only headset for which spares can be purchased separately, and Phonatics proactively import spares with all Freemate™ orders thus ensuring optimal replacement parts stock on hand, thereby keeping repair costs low and being able to future-proof client repair needs.

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