Super Client Value-Adds from Phonatics – Buy-Backs & Free Assessments

January 19, 2015 Team Phonatics

With a deliberate ‘client convenience’ mind-set, Phonatics delivers all the bells and whistles to ensure a positive, professional and hassle-free client experience when dealing with any of our top-class sales and repair centres.

Of the many business benefits our clients have come to appreciate when dealing with Phonatics, our Buy-Back and Free Assessment services have each received rave reviews.


The Phonatics Buy-Back is our ‘Credit for Headsets’ promotion. This offering is a straightforward ‘exchange’ scenario where clients bring their old headsets* to Phonatics for credit on the purchase of brand new headsets. Clients can look forward to a 10-20% credit saving on their new purchases.

This value-add is a fantastic client benefit, and all parties involved are able to actively support the recycling of old headsets that would normally merely be tossed in the bin. Clients benefit through direct cost-saving, improved equipment management and waste products are able to be recycled and up-cycled, positively impacting both on good business acumen and improved environmental responsibility.

The Credit for Headsets promotion is unique to Phonatics and our clients are smiling all the way!

*Eligible Make & Model: Freemate (all the models), the Jabra GN 2000 and Biz 2400 ranges.


Another unique client-facing offering by Phonatics is our Headset Assessment option. This is a free service extended to our valued Call Centre clients and holds numerous benefits for improved customer satisfaction including cost-saving and efficient equipment management.

The assessment report details which client existing headsets are able to be repaired, affording clients the opportunity of budgeting for replacement and repair instead of merely purchasing outright brand new equipment.

With our expert technical department and in-house workshop, clients can rest assured that their headsets will be well looked after for many years to come.

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  • assessments enjoy a 48hr turnaround time.

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