How to Choose the Right Headset – The Ultimate Checklist

September 16, 2015 Team Phonatics

Not all headset users are the same; just as not all headsets are the same. This is why choosing the best headset for your unique needs can play an enormous role in your job satisfaction, as well as productivity.

So, how exactly should you go about selecting a headset that would be best suited to you, and your unique situation?

To assist with this, we have defined a 3-Step process in the search for the perfect headset match.

Ultimate 3-Steps to Headset Happiness…

Understand your User Group

Unless you understand what purpose the headset should fulfil, it would be impossible to start your search in the appropriate place. Rightfully so, this step begins with you, the user.

For the purpose of simplifying the selection process, we’ve identified 3 main User Groups.

  1. The Office User: Although as an office user you have a dedicated work area, you also tend to spend large amounts of time moving around in the office environment, away from your designated desk.
  2. The Mobile User: As a mobile user (also known as field user), you usually do not have a dedicated work area at the office but rather spend most of your time out on the road.
  3. The Contact Centre User: Typically known as desk users, you spend very little time away from your desk. And you are usually not required to answer calls whilst away from your work area.

Great, now that you’ve identified the type of user that best describes your role, it’s time to move on…

Match User Group to Headset Category

Why is it vital to start your headset selection process with the user? Because experience dictates that certain types of headsets are better suited to certain work roles.

For example, based on your daily usage requirements, the types of headsets below (a.k.a. Headset Categories) would most likely be best suited to specific User Groups (which you’ve just identified with).

  1. The Office User: A Bluetooth or Wireless Headset
  2. The Mobile or Field User: A Bluetooth Headset or Unified Communications Device
  3. The Contact Centre or Desk User: A Corded Headset

So, let’s recap. You should now have a good idea of the type of user you are, as well as in which headset category to start your selection process. But, surely there are other influencing factors that will impact your final headset decision? Yes, of course there are, ‘10 Key Considerations’ in fact, making up the bulk of the final step in the Ultimate Checklist to Choosing the Right Headset… Top 10 Key Headset Factors

Still sound a bit complicated?

To assist in making your headset selection process as stress-free as possible, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you consider all the necessary factors to match you to the headset of your dreams.

Should you wish to put our service to the test for a more personal headset fit experience, you can contact us and we will gladly walk you through the process and provide you with the best suited headset options for your unique requirements, ensuring an effortless ‘connection’ between you and your ideal headset.

Happy headset hunting…


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