Headset Purchasing Decisions and Buying Patterns

February 17, 2015 Team Phonatics

Customer Intelligence Survey Results

(Phonatics Customer Intelligence Survey, November 2014)

With a core objective of Phonatics being CUSTOMER SERVICE, where we believe that every success that follows started with a great first experience, we conducted our 2014 Customer Intelligence Survey to gather the data and define the market place environment when it comes to customer buying patterns and the factors that influence purchasing decisions.

With a sample focus group of almost 4,000 identified from various local companies and large corporates alike, such as Mediclinic, GrowthPoint, the De Beers Group and Telkom SA, the findings were most enlightening.

Over 51% of respondents hold a management role or higher, powering them as key influencers in the buying decision process, with main work responsibility groups including Operations, General Manager and Office Management (21.7%). Further key customer-facing areas focussed on Sales & Procurement 20%, IT/Technical 10.6% and Finance at 8.3% with roles such as Admin Support, Account Management and Professional Services making up the difference.

Top Benefits of Headset Use

Delving directly into the heart of the matter, respondents were asked to identify the top benefit of headset use in the workplace, with the resounding choice pointing to ‘Hands-Free’ at 58.1% with customers requiring the ability to multi-task, allowing for improved efficiency and productivity.

In second place, the most popular benefit narrowed down to noise-reduction, where participants indicated that their headsets allowed for improved focus, call clarity and a smooth customer service experience (16.1%). Functionality at 13.7%, Mobility 7.3% and comfort & convenience at 4.8% (where the use of a headset directly contributed to a decrease in neck and/or back ache and pain) were also cited as top benefits.

When researching headsets, participants indicated the central features (in order of importance) to be: Ease-of-Use 47.7%, Functionality 47.7% (wireless, multi-point connectivity) and Durability 45.5%.

With the influencing factor of Price (32.6%) coming in fourth most important, followed by After-Sales Support at 31.1%. An interesting take-away from this section was Brand slotting in as the very last consideration in the researching stage at 22.7%.

What Makes You Buy a Particular Headset?

With particular focus on the ultimate purchasing phase of the buying cycle, participants were once more asked to rank product attributes but this time with the spotlight on buyer barriers, i.e. ‘What are the top stumbling blocks that could prevent you from buying a headset?’ In this direct avenue, Price tops the list at 56.5% with Quality 37.9%, Poor Service 18.5% and Lack of After-Sales 17.7% forming the top quadrant of purchasing hurdles.

Given the above and with Phonatics’ house brand Freemate ticking all the right boxes in this researching/purchasing process, it just goes to show why 91%* of our customers prefer Freemate headsets.

*Phonatics Survey: June 2014 – Headset Repair or Replace. (Full disclosure: Phonatics is the sole distributor of the Freemate brand of headsets in Africa.)

Great Customer Service

And with over 71.8% of respondents being present and past customers of Phonatics, the survey feedback received from “Good quality products, good customer service” and “Best brand on the market” to “… amazing after-sales support” – inspires confidence that our business is on the right track when we say: Putting our clients first is what we do best!

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